MGK and Travis Barker Probably Regret Those Matching Tattoos

MGK and Travis Barker Probably Regret Those Matching Tattoos

As far as basic tattoo "dos" and "don'ts" go, there are a couple general rules to follow before making the decision to permanently ink something on your body: double check for typos, avoid any names of significant others unless you plan to lock that shit down, make sure to do more than just Google translate any words in foreign languages and if you are going to get matching tattoos to announce an album, maybe be extra sure you're not going to change the name a couple months later.

It's apparently a lesson that Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker have had to learn the hard way after the rapper announced he was changing the name of his upcoming album to Mainstream Sellout just months after the two had gotten matching tattoos of its previous title born with horns. MGK broke the news to Barker, who is executive producing the project, in an Instagram post on Monday, prefacing it with “Okay, we’re friends no matter what, right?”

Luckily for MGK, it seems like Barker had already pretty much guessed that album title had changed and ended up laughing it off. It probably didn't come as that big of a shock to Barker given that the two are good friends as well as close collaborators. Knowing MGK, the Blink-182 drummer must have on some level known this was always a possibility.

On the bright side, "born with horns" is still set to be the lead track off the album so it's not like the tattoos no longer have any significance, and given how heavily tatted both boys are — having one more probably isn't that big of a deal either.

MGK's new album, Mainstream Sellout (unless he decides to change it again) is set to be released this August.

Photo via Getty/ Emma McIntyre/ AMA2020