Megan Thee Stallion's Tips on Having Hot Girl Style in the Winter

Megan Thee Stallion's Tips on Having Hot Girl Style in the Winter

A year ago, Megan Thee Stallion fronted her first-ever fashion campaign, serving "Hot Girl Winter" in a series of snowy, festive ads for Coach. (She joined a roster of the brand's celebrity faces like Jennifer Lopez and Michael B. Jordan.)

Since then, her crossover into fashion has blown up, from starring in Rihanna's Savage x Fenty campaigns to announcing a partnership with Fashion Nova. 2020 has already seen her wear custom Mugler bodysuits for her music videos to posting fit pics in head-to-toe Versace.

This season, Coach tapped Megan for her second holiday campaign, where she's seen in full glam with balloons and champagne around her (with Frenchie making a welcome cameo). While the festivities are likely to look a lot different this year, Megan's positive affirmations in her video are a reminder that the holidays are all about your state of mind.

PAPER caught up with Megan ahead of Coach's Holiday collection launch today to talk about her style evolution, her plans for the holidays and how she's staying positive this year.

How are you spending the holidays this season?

The thing I'm always most grateful for is my family and my friends, so I'll be spending my time with them. To me the holidays are all about taking a moment to slow down and be appreciative for everything you have.

Coach's "Holiday Is Where You Find It" campaign champions optimism in today's world. How are you staying optimistic this year?

What keeps me optimistic is that in even the most difficult of times, you see how incredible humankind can be. There are so many amazing activists and individuals who continue to push for change and see hope for the future. When I look at them I always feel inspired and encouraged. It's also about self-belief in your own life. If you set your own goals and keep telling yourself you can make it happen, it will happen — sometimes you just have to be your own source of positivity.

Do you have any tips on how to take "Hot Girl" style into the colder months?

The Hot Girl style is more about your attitude and energy than it is your clothes! Whether you in a bikini or wrapped up in a big winter coat, as long as you know you're that bitch, you're rocking the Hot Girl style.

How has your fashion sense evolved throughout your career?

I've definitely become more playful and experimental. As I've gotten older I've come to really know myself, and because of that I'm not scared to try new things. I love switching it up depending on the mood or the vibe, like one day it could be really sleek and minimalist, then the next day it could be all about color and a dramatic look.

Whose style do you most admire?

Naomi Campbell, she has always been an effortless beauty and an icon. I've always loved the fact that she has long legs like me; she just wears everything so well.

You never fail to include iconic fashion moments in every music video. How do you challenge yourself to continually pump out stand-out looks with your songs?

For me it's all about matching the looks to the moment. For my videos I love to really take it all the way with the creative and build out looks from the original idea. So that means that it's always different, bold and new.

Photos courtesy of Coach