Martin Margiela's Documentary Leaked on Pornhub

Martin Margiela's Documentary Leaked on Pornhub

Business is currently booming for Pornhub. The adult entertainment site has seen a dramatic spike in traffic due to the number of people unexpectedly finding themselves with a lot of time on their hands. They've stepped up their philanthropic efforts, offering a free month of their Premium service for those in countries afflicted by the coronavirus epidemic as well as making sizable donations of protective equipment to medical professionals in the hardest hit areas. Pornhub even released their first non-adult film, Shakedown, directed by former Hood By Air CEO Leilah Weiraub just last month, but by all indications it looks like their second ever non-sexy movie might not have been their doing.

According to Dazed, a leaked copy of an upcoming documentary on the life of celebrated fashion designer Martin Margiela mysteriously popped up on the porn service last night. Following some extensive searching (that made the writer of this post very thankful that he was working from home, for once), PAPER was unfortunately unable to verify whether or not the documentary in question was still live on the site or had already been taken down. Even with the current moratorium on jokes, given the news' proximity April Fool's, the notion that it might just be a hoax too is also a possibility.

The allegedly leaked documentary, Martin Margiela: In His Own Words, is currently scheduled to be released on streaming services April 10. The film explores the life, work and philosophy behind one of fashion's most elusive figures. Directed by Reiner Holzemer, the documentary follows the rise of Margiela's namesake label, the ways in which the designer changed the landscape of fashion in the past half-century, the importance of anonymity in his work and where he plans to go next.

While there really aren't any scenes in the movie that would necessarily warrant it being specifically uploaded to Pornhub, it is a well-known fact Margiela is famous for having a fanbase some might describe as horny for his clothes. So far the culprit responsible for the leak has yet to come forward but that's probably for the best. Martin Margiela: In His Own Words will be out on official channels soon enough and regardless of what people might say, nobody truly enjoys a premature release.

Photo via Dogwoof