Martha Stewart Got 14 Proposals After Her Pool Thirst Trap

Martha Stewart Got 14 Proposals After Her Pool Thirst Trap

Martha Stewart — undisputed queen of the thirst trap and horny caption — recently revealed that her iconic pool pic garnered her not 1, but 14 marriage proposals.

In case you forgot, last week the lifestyle legend sent fans into a frenzy after posting an undeniable sexy photo of herself puckering up during a swim in her East Hampton pool. And while she kept this particular caption relatively tame, that didn't stop a verifiable legion of suitors from shooting their shot — but, honestly, is anyone surprised?

"I've had 14 proposals, I don't know what for, but they're proposals," Stewart told E! News's Daily Pop. "I haven't checked lately, that was the first day."

Granted, as the Martha Stewart, she obviously hasn't had the time to pay attention to all of the dudes sliding into her DMs.

After all, according to her, she hasn't even had a moment to craft — especially since she's in the middle of working on her new show for HGTV called Martha Knows Best — which,obviously, just means that all those guys will have to wait.

Revisit her thirst trap for yourself, below.

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