Mariah Carey’s New Tea-Shirts and Teacups Are Here

Mariah Carey’s New Tea-Shirts and Teacups Are Here

By Michael Love Michael

Honey-voiced Mariah Carey's neverending reign as Queen of Shade means she obviously gets to cash in on the joke, right? 1,000% correct. (Though, "shade" as we've always known and loved it is now dead and over; thxforthat, white men).

The beloved founder of "I Don't Know Her," "That Wasn't My Appellation," and similar somesuch cloudy forecasts has just unveiled a new merch set on Twitter. And it is perfect for casually luxe afternoons of tea and cucumber sandwiches with your favorite frenemies.

The tea-shirts (LOL) and mugs feature Mariah's immaculately queenly visage, and the phrase "I Was Told There Would Be Tea." What is she doing, of course? Sipping tea that she lost but apparently found, hence: #foundmytea. No tea was spilled in the making and promotion of this merch. See? What she thinks about anyone is none of our business, though, we'll likely make it ours anyway. Shop here, dahlinks.

Photo via Instagram