Mariah Carey Loves Hostels

Mariah Carey Loves Hostels

Just as the grass is green and sky is blue, Mariah Carey will always surprise you. The head diva has followed in Lindsay Lohan's footsteps when it comes to unexpected partnerships (hi!), teaming up with hostel-booking site Hostelworld to become their new face.

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Yes, hostels. You know, the places you stayed when you went to "find yourself" in Europe, where you could hear that Dutch couple having sex in the bunk next to you and you had to wear flip flops in the shower. In the commercial, Carey shows up expecting a hotel and instead arrives at a hostel — but all is forgiven when she is introduced to the accommodation's master suite (which is quite honestly the most luxurious hostel room known to man). She then, of course, performs a private show in the hostel's bar, in a sequin dress with a dove. The tag line, of course, is that "even divas are believers."

Mimi never fails to keep us guessing! Check it out. below.


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Story by Andrew Nguyen / Photography by Devin Kasparian