This Savage Margiela Model Won Paris Fashion Week

This Savage Margiela Model Won Paris Fashion Week

Today's Maison Margiela Spring 2020 show at Paris Fashion Week was a real marvel to behold. Creative Director John Galliano presented a militaristic collection inspired by the likes of Marie Curie and World War II nurse Edith Cavell. Speaking about the collection on Margiela's "The Memory Of..." podcast, Galliano said that this season is "about remembrance, it's about liberation, it's about having a voice. These people fought for you so you can vote, so use it. Make yourself heard. It's important."

The collection is really beautiful. But model Leon Dame, a Margiela favorite, once again stole the show with his aggressive, moody walk, choreographed by movement director Pat Boguslawski. Galliano chose Dame to close the show. And so the model, clad in a Tom of Finland-style, navy-inspired little leather jacket, pouted and shook his shoulders down the runway, clomping angrily. Like last season, videos of his highly stylized performance quickly took over Instagram.

Dame, a Berlin-based student and saxophonist, made his runway debut back in 2016. He's walked for so many major brands: Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Gucci, Valentino, Bottega Veneta, and countless others. But he got his big break at Margiela Fall 2019, when he debuted the now-signature walk. Fierce may be outdated fashion slang, but like... fierce.

"The overall theme and message of this collection is one of hope, being inspired by these amazing characters," Galliano said on the Margiela podcast. "Witnessing the very breakdown of the moral fiber of society, the trivialization of democracy and the European Union... Isn't this what they fought for, for peace? I love this spirit of activism."

Activists are (rightfully) pissed off. Maybe there should be a march where everybody walks like Dame. We can't all get his cheekbones, but we can practice his iconic moves.

Photo courtesy of ImaxTree