Destroying with Maŕa Peralta

Destroying with Maŕa Peralta

Jan 24, 2024

Maŕa Peralta wants to push boundaries. The Brooklyn-based jewelry and accessories brand’s latest collection, "DESTRUCTION," manifested in a live NYFW presentation last season that tapped into the madness and metal that is at the core of its ethos.

In the live performance, models wither and contort their bodies as haunting drones blare behind them, wearing the signature Maŕa Peralta Studio hardware with sheer black cut-out stylings — a combination that is meant to speak to the architecture of New York City and its community. It’s the first collaboration between the Argentinian musician behind the brand and guitarist Wilson Flores, and with the performance, she aimed to recontextualize materials and compositions from previous collections through her music composing techniques. It’s sculpture, fashion, dance, expression, movement and art — all being tied together by the brand’s handcrafted steel.

“I am interested in pushing boundaries when it comes to fashion, sound and culture,” Peralta tells PAPER. “This project is so connected to much going on in our society and the world, that many can resonate with that madness.”

This collection marks the first step in a new evolution for the brand, which has been worn by the likes of Julia Fox, Eartheater and other Downtown delinquents.

To prepare for this season’s NYFW, watch the experimental performance below, and shop at

Photography: John Griffith
DP and editor: David Murray
Art Direction: Maŕa Peralta and Chengcheng Zhao
Movement: Chengcheng Zhao
Styling: Essel Aidoo
Styling assistant: Ayqa Khan
Model: Lethal Trip
Dancers: Jacob Thoman, Chuck Rosie, Laila Rosen, Mia Perez
Makeup: Shania Roban
Makeup assistant: Nahje White