Chicago humanitarian and Michelle Obama favorite Chance the Rapper was immediately flooded with applications today after announcing he's looking for an intern...except he's not.

The rapper tweeted today that his ideal candidate will be capable of "putting together decks and writing proposals" and was immediately flooded by mentions. Many very qualified applicants expressed their excitement at the prospect of interning for the artist, when it really by the sounds of it they wouldn't be interning but working as a marketing strategist/publicist.

While many internships are rife with exploitation, in a dream situation interns merely help with small tasks while gaining experience in their intended field and under no ~ethical~ circumstances do they work in the place of regular employees without payment.

Given Chance's history socking it to the music industry 'man' and all his recent work with the Chicago school system, the fact that he's offering exposure in exchange for real work feels a little off – and Twitter wasn't here for it.

Of course there were still many, many young candidates that were all about the Chance experience, so you can bet whoever gets the coveted non-job job is going to be a very happy chappy.

Internships, huh?

Image via Carl Timpone/

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