Maison the Faux Premieres 'The Premiere'

Maison the Faux Premieres 'The Premiere'

A motion picture of A-list fantasy.

Maison the Faux, a Dutch design collective and creative studio known for taking distorted reality and framing its absurdity, launches its latest project "The Premiere," a film made by Robert Fox in collaboration with Maavven and choreographer Nina McNeely.

With that in mind, it's likely that you can already guess the subject of Maison the Faux's lens: Hollywood, or as we call it around here: Hollyweird. What's more bizarre in the celebrity obsessed land of celebrity obsession that red-carpet premieres?

Taking the concept of PAPER's recent photo shoot for a staged premiere — that doubled as a surrealist exhibition of life imitating art and vice versa — "The Premiere" hones in on the wacky theatrics of red-carpet arrivals, complete with reporters barking "who are you wearing?" and deranged fans jumping the barricades in hopes of being blessed by their idols.

The film stars Love Bailey and Tzef Montana, alongside a host of other colorful characters as equally deluded celebrities on the carpet.

"The Premiere," filmed in quick cuts and spliced-in famous Hollywood iconography, is part nightmare because fame is its own kind of horror, and part reality, because it's all true. Take it all in, below.


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Story by Andrew Nguyen / Creative Direction by Tiolu Enitan / Photography by Dax Reed