Maison The Faux Presents: The FAUXmosapiens

Maison The Faux Presents: The FAUXmosapiens

Designer duo Tessa Boer and Joris Suk, of avant-garde fashion house Maison The Faux, used their spring '18 collection to question what we accept as reality, inside and outside of fashion.

On the NYC catwalk, which they staged to look like a futuristic tanning salon, models with pink frosted tips, head-to-toe tweed outfits, and candy-striped mesh garments ritually stopped to grab a drink from a FAUX-emblazoned water cooler.

Today they bring us deeper into their otherworldly universe with the trailer for their "FAUXcumentary," The FAUXmosapiens.

It begins, "You must look beyond everything you know about humanity and artificiality." What does it mean to be a FAUXmosapien? What makes an identity? "What's real? What's fake? Does it matter?"

Framed as a sci-fi feature film due out in 2018, The FAUXmosapienswill delve into these complex ideas.

Watch a preview of The FAUXmosapiens, below.

Center image from Fashion Week Online