100 Photos From the Gayest Boat Ride in NYC

100 Photos From the Gayest Boat Ride in NYC

Story by Matt Moen / Photography by Serichai Traipoom

When all the clubs, bars, and random peoples' apartments have already become over-saturated with Pride week partygoers, where are all the big city gays in search of a good time supposed to go? The high seas of course!

The brainchild of queer New York City nightlife impresario, Ty Sunderland, the latest voyage of the Gayflower set sail across the waters surrounding Manhattan to herald the start of the city's week-long Pride celebrations.

It truly had everything: Sailor suits, Madonna, seaside cocktails, more Madonna, sweaty throngs of gorgeous gays pressed up against one another, even more Madonna, Aquaria in her finest Madame X drag, and did we mention Madonna? The only way it possibly could have been more Madonna is if Madge showed up to steer the boat herself.

Relive Gayflower: Madonna in all its gay glory, below, and if you listen closely you might be able to still hear the chorus of "Holiday" gleefully echoing down the Hudson.

Photography: Serichai Traipoom