Madonna Biopic Reportedly Axed Because She Wanted a 'Grittier' Script

Madonna Biopic Reportedly Axed Because She Wanted a 'Grittier' Script

Madonna apparently didn't like how tame her biopic was going to be.

After the Queen of Pop's announced her career-spanning "Celebration" tour earlier this month, fans began to speculate that the long-planned production was in some serious trouble, so it didn't come as much of a surprise when Varietylater revealed that the movie had been officially scrapped. But while sources speaking to the publication initially said the cancelation was a tour-related scheduling issue, it now seems as if there's more to the story than we originally thought.

According to a new report from Page Six, a friend of Madonna's confirmed what Variety said by explaining that the star would "someday make a film about her life," but for now "this tour is the creative and professional focus." However, they also divulged that Madge also had some serious creative disagreements with Universal Studios, specifically over the script, which screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson took over from Juno's Diablo Cody back in 2020.

“Basically, they don’t like it,” the insider said, explaining that while the studio wants it to be "pop and light," Madonna herself "wants something much grittier," meaning that things have ultimately "come to a stalemate."

"[Madonna would] rather go to another studio than change the script," they continued, adding that the "Like a Virgin" singer plans to "look at it again after the tour." The friend also said that while Madge hopes to keep the same writers, she's aware that the film might need to be "recast if the actors aren’t available," including reported star Julia Garner.

Meanwhile, an industry insider told the Sunthat Universal execs were also unhappy with Madonna's behavior on social media, as well as her insistence of having "near-total" control over the entire production.

"Madonna did herself no favors by acting weird on social media during this entire process," they claimed, explaining that her Instagram posts "didn't play well at Universal."

"She signed a contract to make this film and that should have been the signal to her to stop the circus antics, stop chasing likes, and just buckle down and get this movie into shape," as the source went on to add. “The studio bosses were watching what Madonna posted over these months where she was supposed to be writing and were left scratching their heads.”

Madonna and Universal Studios have yet to comment on the latest reports.

Photo via Getty / Scott Halleran