These Are the Songs Madeon's Been Listening to Lately

These Are the Songs Madeon's Been Listening to Lately

From his viral emergence as a young EDM wunderkind to establishing himself as a prominent producer in pop, Grammy-nominated artist Hugo Leclercq (better known as Madeon) is flourishing.

Still riding off the high of his sophomore album, Good Faith, Madeon has been building on the neon-soaked, cinematic universe he introduced with that effort. From 2020's electro roller "The Prince" to the recent live edit "Hypermania," Madeon has been taking a page from the books of his own self-professed idols, Daft Punk and Justice, and using his live show to augment this world even further. With a melange of of gospel vocals, electric guitars, spiraling synth solos and super-charged bass, this extension of the Good Faith era sees Madeon indulging in different inspirations and expanding his multimedia mood board.

"I knew if I wanted to make something different, I needed to change my life around," Madeon says of his move to Los Angeles to focus on the project. "I wanted to wake up in the morning and feel like every second of my life was about Madeon. My walls are covered with concept art and logo designs and instruments and references and records that I love. It’s all I do from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed."

As the Good Faith era is set to close with Madeon's upcoming performances at Coachella and Day Club, PAPER asked the producer to take a deeper dive into his interests and show us what's been on his heavy rotation as of late. The result is an eclectic playlist encompassing everything from French post-disco to '70s experimental synth music, Japanese city pop, old school hip hop, electro and more.

Mos Def — "U R The One"

I don't drive, so I never get to pick the music in the passenger seat. Riding along with friends is my favorite way to discover music and this is how I was introduced to this one. Masterful.

Toro y Moi — "The Loop"

My most played artist. I think i'll forever associate Chaz with this era of my life.

Kavinsky — "Trigger"

I liked the new Kavinsky album. That palette of sounds is always such a winner.

Sigrid — "It Gets Dark"

Sigrid has been making exceptional pop music for a while now, but this latest single is a highlight.

Remi Wolf — "Sexy Villain"

That song is so fun. Have you noticed how it kind of interpolates an old Rihanna/Guetta single, but makes it 15 times cooler?

Talking Heads — "Once in a Lifetime"

I saw American Utopia on Broadway a few months ago and it was the best show ever. That renewed my interest in Talking Heads lately.

Kacy Hill — "Dinner"

Been my go-to morning coffee song lately.

​Angèle — "Taxi"

I think I've been craving songs in French more since I moved to California. Haunting chord progression in this one.

Juliette Armanet — "Le Dernier Jour du Disco"

That song title means "the final day of Disco." What an iconic title. Amazing song.

Space Art — "Onyx"

I think that album was hugely influential to the whole Justice generation of artists. Epic '70s synth music.

Mind Enterprises — "Idol"

The catchiest, most fun little hook. Joy.

Junko Ohashi — "Telephone Number"

My favorite City Pop tune. Japanese pop music has been a huge influence for me since the very first of Madeon.

Madeon — "Miracle"

I think that's the best song from my album.

Photography: Jordan Munns