Lou Phelps and Kaytranada Get Gritty

Lou Phelps and Kaytranada Get Gritty

By Erica CampbellFeb 15, 2024

In “jungle,” Montreal rapper and producer Lou Phelps pulls listeners in with sharp, boisterous lyricism laid over a bouncy, fidgety beat. The track is executive-produced by his brother and collaborator Kaytrananda and is just one taste of Phelps' forthcoming album "Chélbé," a word that means “fly” or “stylish” in the brother’s native Creole. “The drums remind me of the early-2000s hip-hop,” Phelps tells PAPER when asked about the track’s inspiration. “I wanted to mix those influences with signature elements of my rapping.”

Lou Phelps - Jungle (Official Music Video)

Today, Phelps premieres the visuals for “jungle” here at PAPER, telling us that he wanted to the video to reflect “something gritty.” The video’s aesthetic was inspired by two classic films, with the director using 1995’s La Haine and 1983’s Wild Style as a blueprint. “I just want fans to appreciate the beauty of the video and the song,” Phelps tells us before quipping, “I froze my ass in the Montreal winter to shoot this and still made it look good. As long as they like it, I'm satisfied.”

In the monochrome visuals, Phelps confidently raps at the camera with the city, a bedroom and a car as his backdrops. The visuals bounce along with the track, taking on the same kinetic energy as the production as Phelps boasts, “You keep saying I’ve changed/ Yes I did and I don’t regret a god damn thing.” The track acts as a warning for what’s to come from Chélbé, an album set to show off the creative chemistry between Phelps and Kaytranada. Asked what he’s most excited to share next, Phelps doesn’t mince words. “The album!”

Photography: Loic Premont