Lizzo Responds to Accusations of Paying to Get 'Water Me' Charting

Lizzo Responds to Accusations of Paying to Get 'Water Me' Charting

Lizzo is pushing back against allegations that her 2017 song "Water Me" has entered the U.S. iTunes charts thanks to streaming bots and payola.

On the heels of the bombastic success of "Truth Hurts" and "Good as Hell," Lizzo's "Water Me" has debuted at No. 15 on iTunes.

According to Complexthough, the song's sudden ascension led an apparent Nicki Minaj stan to accuse the star and her label of using bots and payola, which is when a radio station is paid to play a particular artist.

"Mfs not even hiding the payola and bots anymore," the critic wrote — an allegation that Lizzo, obviously, felt the need to respond to.

"Actually Walmart just used my song 'Water Me' in their Black Friday commercial and because of Shazam and the #dealdropdance it's becoming popular... But go off," she explained, later following up by writing, "Y'all think it was the plan for all my old ass songs to be #1?"

"I have a whole album the world hasn't even heard yet," Lizzo wrote. "We can't plan how it happens when it's your moment it's your moment. I always believed in me I just needed the world to feel me. Now they do. I'm grateful."

But, never one to let a naysayer get her down, Lizzo began retweeting fans talking about what song they'd like to see go viral next, before capping it all off by definitively saying, The PEOPLE are making these calls... not the label."

See Lizzo's follow-up tweets, below.

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