Lizzo Covers Miley and Our Hearts Are Full

Lizzo Covers Miley and Our Hearts Are Full

Have you had a rough week? List of deadlines never seeming to diminish? Fantasizing about Friday since Monday? Tearing your hair out at prospect of having to hear another one of Gerald from Sales "world famous" jokes? Fear not, because Lizzo, our pop star who can do no wrong, has delivered unto us a new cover of Miley Cyrus' dance-country crossover ballad "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" just in time to revitalized our spirits for the weekend.

Making an appearance in the BBC 1 Radio Live Lounge ahead of the April 19th release of her forthcoming album, Cuz I Love You, Lizzo decided to shift things down a gear with her Cyrus cover and take us to Church. Weaving organs into the country twangs of the original, Lizzo delivers a powerful performance with soulful vocals that amp the heartbreak-factor up to eleven. Lizzo manages to fully make the cover her own in a way that has us wondering why Miley hasn't already hit her up for an official remix? (A sick flute solo during the bridge would be incredible, now that you mention it).

Watch Lizzo's full cover of Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson's "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" below:

Photo via BFA