There's perhaps no mental disease less visible — and more insidious — than depression, and with new song "Lockdown" Stockholm-based band LINES reminds us just because you can't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Recruiting a range of LGBTQI+ identifying individuals, LINES illustrates the very darkest depths of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and perceived inescapable isolation in the new visual — a perfect accompaniment to the desolate winter pop track. Directed and produced by LINES frontman Erik Althoff and Giannina Panfichi, the video depicts each of their subjects crying in various before they continue on, dancing and smiling through their tears.

"Winter depression is a thing here in Sweden and last winter I really hit an all time low. Somewhere in that period I wrote a song that ended up being a mantra playing on repeat in my head," Althoff says of the track's creation. "Winter turned to spring and spring to summer, everyone in the band went through some rough times in various ways and the winter depression and need to isolate myself didn't go away either...It was more a therapeutic endeavor than anything else."

Fall in love with "Lockdown," below.

[youtube expand=1]

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Photography by Grace Scuitto / Story by Jade Gomez / Makeup by Marla Vazquez / Hair by Abraham Esparza / Styling by Heather Picchiottino