Lilah's Sensual Spin on a Biblical Story Is Worthy of Worship

Lilah's Sensual Spin on a Biblical Story Is Worthy of Worship

If there's one person who knows how to make sin sound good, it's London-based singer Lilah.

Hot on the heels of her first single "Lilah's Lullaby," the musician has released a luscious new track dubbed "Summer Night's Fling," taken off her forthcoming Atlantis EP. Building off J Warner and P2J's viscous production, the song sees Lilah spinning a tantalizing tale of lust and longing. Teasing the listener while retaining the rich sensuality of her debut effort, the siren-like allure of "Summer Night's Fling" is made even more powerful by the Matthew Walker-directed visual that perfectly mirrors the song's sonic sensuality.

Much like the Shakespearian-inspired title, Lilah's music video takes a millennia-worth of references and distills it into an impressive three and a half minutes. With a slight grain and pops of saturated color, the cinematography pays homage to the likes of Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino, while also drawing upon several mythical and Biblical stories involving "dangerous women," including the myth of Narcissus, Adam and Eve, the beheading of John the Baptist and, of course, Samson and Delilah. Talk about taking your namesake to the next level.

Watch the video for "Summer Night's Fling," below.

Lilah's debut EP Atlantis drops November 12.

Photo courtesy of Lilah


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