Watch the 'Uncensored' Version of 'INDUSTRY BABY'

Watch the 'Uncensored' Version of 'INDUSTRY BABY'

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Lil Nas X has given us many gifts, and new track "INDUSTRY BABY" is the greatest one so far. Not only is it objectively a bop, but the song comes with a masterfully in-jokey music video conceived by the musician himself.

Referencing Lil Nas X's ongoing legal battle with Nike, it's kind of a "Shawshank Redemption, but make it gay" moment, featuring hot pink prison uniforms, Jack Harlow as a corrupt guard and an instantly-iconic nude shower dance scene. It's probably the most creative, fun and subversive music video to come out since, well, "MONTERO."

Go ahead! Watch it again:

If this original music video has any flaws, though, it's the fact that the naked shower dancers (including Lil Nas X himself) are subject to some strategically placed genital and butt blurring. Amending that fact today, the artist tweeted out a link to a new "uncensored" version. Comments were switched off, leaving curious fans with no choice but to click through and see the supposed full nudes.


Given your knowledge of Lil Nas X, master troll and former barb, do you believe him enough to draw the blinds as you hit play on the allegedly NSFW clip?

We won't spoil it. Watch the "uncensored" version of "INDUSTRY BABY," below.

"Industry Baby" is taken from the star's debut studio album, Montero, which he teased ahead of its September 2021 release with his 2021 MTV Video Music Awards performance. During the show, Lil Nas X revived the video concept for the "Industry Baby" by bringing a hot pink "Montero Prison" to the stage and also inviting Madrequs Harris, the Director of Community Investments at the Southern AIDS Coalition, to appear alongside him in an all-black uniform bearing the numbers "433,816," or the number of people currently living with HIV in the South.

Photo via Lil Nas X