Watch Lil Nas X's Skincare Routine

Watch Lil Nas X's Skincare Routine

by Marissa Matozzo

After breaking musical records, defying genres, topping the Billboard charts and becoming everyone's favorite Twitter personality, Lil Nas X still finds time to take care of his skin — all with the help of Rihanna's new Fenty Skin line, of course.

The rapper shared his skincare routine consisting entirely of Rihanna's products today, and it's perfect. Lil Nas X smiles and giggles, showing the camera how he applies each product, and commenting on their efficiency and scents in the process.

He starts by washing his face with the brand's Total Cleanser to deep clean, which he says smells "so fucking good." He then uses Fat Water, a pore-refining toner serum said to even out imperfections and dark spots.

"And last but definitely not least, we're going to put this on," Lil Nas X says, reaching for Hydra Visor, an invisible moisturizer with sunscreen. "There we go! Amazing, right?" The rapper looks into the camera as the video ends, wearing his signature dangly earring and ever-glowing skin.

Fenty Skin strives to create a "new culture of skincare," featuring products Rihanna wished were more accessible to her and women of color in the past. The brand, as she announced a few months back, is "for my fellas too," made evident with a campaign starring A$AP Rocky along with Lil Nas X himself.

Photo via YouTube