ASMR Teen 'Life With MaK' Is Quitting YouTube

ASMR Teen 'Life With MaK' Is Quitting YouTube

Popular ASMR YouTuber Makenna Kelly — aka Life With MaK — says she is quitting YouTube after the "unfair" removal of several of her videos from the platform.

Known for posting clips of herself eating, tapping, or whispering into a mic, the 13-year-old has amassed over 1.5 million subscribers and inspired countless memes since her honeycomb-eating video went viral last year. That said, it seems as if her reign as YouTube's preeminent ASMR creator may soon be over, as Kelly is currently looking for a new platform to post on.

But why? Well, in an effort to combat their growing pedophilia problem, Kelly claims that YouTube has been "discriminating" against her via selectively enforced content rules and guidelines. According to The Daily Dot, Kelly says that while she has "no issues with following the rules of YouTube," she does "have a problem with them treating me different than other minors."

"I think most people could name several teenagers on YouTube that do and say extremely questionable things on a regular basis," she said. "Yet I'm over here feeling like a bad person for eating honeycomb."

Not only that, but she also claims that the platform did nothing to address her concerns about a grown man who "sexually bullied" her.

In a recent interview with BuzzFeed News, Kelly revealedthat YouTube has taken down 12 of her videos over the past 3 months for containing "inappropriate content" — including her aforementioned honeycomb video, clips of her eating fast food, and a clothing haul video.

"They should treat everybody fair," she told the publication, adding that she recently stopped wearing certain clothes or eating particular foods in case they got her videos flagged. "If you have a rule, that rule should apply to everyone, and not discriminate against certain people."

No word yet on which platform Kelly plans to move to. YouTube has yet to respond to her criticism.

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