Let's Just Take a Quick Minute to Talk about Rihanna

Let's Just Take a Quick Minute to Talk about Rihanna

Lord have mercy.

Magical Barbados goddess and seductress of billionaires, singer-actress-angel Rihanna showed up to the Hollywood Valerian premiere last night and shut the whole show down. Why do we bother living our daily lives when a literal fairy princess walks among us? Still unsure.

The star donned a Giambattista Valli Couture gown and lace-up Manolo Blahnik heels and looked like a damn queen. On a side note, if anyone could bring back the disaster that was the mullet dress's 2011 takeover: it's Rihanna.

Who looks like this, though?

Again, who looks like this?

One more time, who looks like this?

Here she is ripping wigs off:

Here she is giving life:

Here she is at our collective funeral still serving:

Rihanna, fully aware of her regality, posted her look five times to Instagram and selfied numerous times during the screening itself. What's is a gal to do? Rihanna knows what the people want (read: more Rihanna).

On a side note, Disney, wya?

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