Peep the New Lingerie Line That Wants to Take You from Bed to Street

Peep the New Lingerie Line That Wants to Take You from Bed to Street

Shot by Tasmin Meyer Ersahin / Styled by Ella Cepeda

Underwear line Les Girls Les Boys is the newest venture from Serena Rees, founder of Agent Provocateur. The brand is for a younger generation that's un-filtered sexy and looks to empower rather than define people, preferring to embody a lifestyle of "bed to street." We tried some of our favorite pieces in the woods and Tompkins Square Park in New York City, because yes, some can be worn from your bed to the street. Don't miss the video of Luca skating on the snake lace body while wearing massive platforms. Casually Badass.

Do you remember the first sexy lingerie you ever had?

It was a black lace body.

What does it take to make lingerie sexy?

Times have shifted from the overt sexuality of the 90s. Les girls Les boys is quietly sexy. Lingerie should showcase who you are, and how you want to project yourself.

What was the inspiration for Les Girls Les Boys?

I was inspired by the way my children and their friends dress, the way they share their clothes, the way they interact and their relationships. The brand philosophy identifies and celebrates love, friendship, diverse identities, and mixed cultural mindsets. I really looked to what the millennials care about and how they see themselves.

Your instagram is shoppable. How much of your sales has come through instagram?

Instagram is a really important platform for us, it allows us to showcase the brand, using our tone of voice and our style of imagery, which makes it really attractive to our customer. It's not yet shoppable as we're so new, but it will be soon.

Since your brand is about fluid sexual identity do you find boys ordering the girls product and vice versa?

Not all the pieces are genderless, but there are a number that have been designed to be shared and swapped— for both boys and girls to order for themselves and for each other. There are certain pieces intended for each sex, but we encourage all of our customers to buy and experiment with what they like.

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Models: Luca Leung, Fionn Leonard @ IMG and Sabrina Fuentes @ No Agency

Photographer: Tasmin Meyer Ersahin

Videographer: Daniel Akselrad

Stylist: Ella Cepeda

Hair: Evanie Frausto

Makeup: Elayna Bachman @ One Management

Stylist Assistant: Annie Skertic

Photo Assistants: Arsun Sorrenti, Dusty Rose Ryan