Lenny Kravitz's Grammys Boots Were Made for Rock 'n' Roll

Lenny Kravitz's Grammys Boots Were Made for Rock 'n' Roll

As someone who's kept up his rock star-glam image for decades, Lenny Kravitz knows exactly what he wants when it comes to his wardrobe. And at the Grammys last Sunday, no detail was left spared including his choice of shoes.

The musician had full say in the creation of his knee-high boots thanks to a collaboration with Modern Vice, the New York-based made-to-order footwear brand founded by designer Jordan Adoni.

For the red carpet, Kravitz wore custom knee-high leather heeled boots with a square-shaped toe to go with his chainmail Natalie Fedner top. He later donned a silver version of the boots for his onstage performance with H.E.R. and Travis Barker where he switched into a metallic bronze leather Chrome Hearts jumpsuit.

"Working with Lenny was literally a dream come true," Adoni tells PAPER. "My first tattoo, 20 years ago, that I got in the East village, was LET LOVE RULE because of Lenny’s famous words 'Love transcends all space and time.' For me, it's not just the music, it’s the entire vibe and energy that he puts out into the world and into his art that always was so poignant in my way of thinking."

Courtesy of Modern Vice

"It was a true collaborative process in every sense of the word," he added. "The process of creating the style involved 24-hour days working in Italy and New York to make the custom parts and tons of notes and virtual fittings that were filled with high energy and love for the project to get it all done properly and in time."

The collaboration was also done with Church Boutique, the LA store founded by stylist Rodney Burns. "Rodney has been in touch for years about making footwear together and he really was super essential in putting the pieces together," Adoni says. "His energy and love go into his work and in this collaborative style artform it was so important to the process and for the boots to turn out the way they did."

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