Pass On the Gift Of Pleasure with LELO
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Pass On the Gift Of Pleasure with LELO

This article is a sponsored collaboration between LELO and PAPER

When I moved into my apartment, I became friends with the woman who lived next door. She was super smart and extremely inquisitive, always asking questions and receiving the answers with an extremely open mind. But even though she was down to try anything from skydiving to ghost-hunting, her conservative upbringing also made it hard for her to fully embrace self-pleasure. As a result, she never really got around to having a sex toy until I gifted her a vibrator for her birthday — and she’s never looked back.

Even though she always wanted to try a toy, she could never drum up the courage to actually walk into the adult store and purchase one. But when I gave her that vibrator, my once-toyless friend was finally able to satiate her curiosity and realize it was okay to buy something specifically designed for masturbation. That said, many other people with vaginas still have yet to experience this, thanks to a combination of misogyny and an anti-sex society. With this in mind, the good folks at LELO decided to offer you the opportunity to give your friends the life-changing gift of pleasure. So until December 28, the cult-favorite sex toy company is gifting customers its Sona clitoral massager with every purchase above $179.

After all, my friend is proof of how impactful a gift like this can be, as that little vibrator ended up igniting an interest in all different kinds of toys. Given her nature, she’s a fan of anything that features an innovative new design and cutting-edge technology, with her latest purchase being none other than the LELO Dot.

A top-of-the-line pinpoint clitoral massager that provides hyperlocalized stimulation, it’s a product for the adventurers amongst us, so it’s no wonder my friend is 100% obsessed with what she says feels like a “new experience” every single time, as the Dot was specially made to induce multiple and/or different types of orgasms.

Anyone who’s already used the Dot knows that it’s an extremely versatile tool, perfect for both solo play and coupled sex that won’t be interrupted by a bulky toy getting in the way. Made from only the softest body-safe silicone, the super flexible tip is able to deliver eight different pleasure patterns of varying intensity through LELO's trademarked Infinite Loop Technology, which moves in a titillating elliptical motion. This means you have the ability to explore every angle, fold and millimeter of your vulva in order to discover where your best clitoral orgasms have been hiding all along.

However, LELO also knows that many first-time users may want to try something they may have seen before, which is why the Sona is the perfect add-on. A tried-and-true favorite that puts a truly unique twist on the traditional massager, the Sona uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate 75% more of the clit for an incredible orgasm with the potential to change your attitude towards toys.

Like many of us, my friend grew up in a household where sex — never mind female pleasure — was completely taboo. But deeply ingrained shame wasn’t the only thing stopping her, as she didn’t have a lot of spending money at the time. So while (rightfully) distrustful of cheap toys, she was also hesitant to splurge on something she might be too scared to even take out of the box. And as she once explained, she would’ve stayed that way without that first vibrator, fearful of her own orgasm and unaware of how far her pleasure could take her.

In fact, she still considers that first vibrator one of “the best gifts” she’s ever received. It made her realize that the rewards of pleasure were worth the price tag and far outweighed any potential embarrassment or shame. Because in addition to always giving her a guaranteed orgasm, it has also been a way to relieve stress, to prevent her from booty-calling her ex and, most importantly, to help rid her of any lingering negativity surrounding her body and sexuality.

So whether you want to go the self-love route and keep both toys or pass on the gift of pleasure to someone else, why not take advantage of LELO's huge BOGO sale before it ends? I know my friend is planning to.

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