Soothe Yourself With Lellopepper and Popularity Contest's ASMR Pop

Soothe Yourself With Lellopepper and Popularity Contest's ASMR Pop

Pop has never tried to hide its long-standing love affair with ASMR. From as recently as Billie Eilish's spooky alien purrs stretching all the way back to the Ying Yang Twins' "Wait (The Whisper Song)," the breathy, keyboard clacking, gentle lip-smacking auditory sensation has been a source of endless inspiration for musicians everywhere. It's also what brought together multi-media artist, Lellopepper, and composer, Popularity Contest, together for their newest collaborative project.

Part musical project, part visual series, Lellopepper and Popularity Contest's new EP/music video/photo series, Honey Please, Wash Your CDs, offers their own colorful take on the world of ASMR. Playing with glittery slimes drizzled over sudsy CDs and brightly color sponges, Lellopepper's visual component almost immediately hones in on the soothing, textural elements of ASMR and packages them into blissful eye candy.

"I handed all the footage over to the sonic playground of the amazing composer-producer Brendan Eder of Popularity Contest," Lellopepper says of the process. "It was a full-on sugary overdose on creating visuals and watery recordings!" The resulting visually-inspired EP is just as calming as the pastel cascades of liquid soap. Taking elements of vaporwave, shoegaze, and ASMR's traditionally hushed vocals, Popularity Contest and Lellopepper swirl them all together into a dreamy sun-soaked confection. If Washed Out and LifeWithMak had a musical baby and then rolled it around in some glitter, you might come close to the charmingly strangeness of Honey Please, Wash Your CDs. Don't over think it, just put on your binaural headphones, find someone to brush your hair, lean back and relax.

Honey Please, Wash Your CDs is out now. Watch the music video for "Rinse Batter Rococo" below:

Photos Courtesy of Lellopepper and Popularity Contest


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