Leikeli47 Has No Time for Fake Friends in '2nd Fiddle' Video

Leikeli47 Has No Time for Fake Friends in '2nd Fiddle' Video

Last week, PAPER Magazine Beautiful Person Leikeli47 shared a new track from her upcoming debut album Wash & Set, as well as that album's artwork. The song, called "2nd Fiddle," found the masked rapper waxing poetic about the split between real friends and fake friends — a topic all too familiar for rising musicians who now find themselves straddling the fence of breakout fame. As she cleverly rapped about the advice she had received from Ricky Bobby's daddy ("if you ain't first or last, you can all kiss my ass"), Leikeli47 made sure you knew what you're not going to get away with in her court.

Today, she has returned to share that song's video. Featuring the rapper in a number of instantly desirable looks, Leikeli is the epitome of style and swagger — and as the scenes cut back and forth between shots of the rapper driving down a busy street and shots of her hanging with friends in a courtyard, this visual is the perfect accompaniment for a song about sticking with your day ones.

Watch the full thing below.

Splash photo via Vevo