Leikeli47 Goes Old School R&B On New Track '2nd Fiddle'

Leikeli47 Goes Old School R&B On New Track '2nd Fiddle'

Leikeli47, the masked wonder behind some of the most iconic bumps of the past few years, is less than a month away from the release of her hotly anticipated debut album, Wash & Set, and she's been slowly teasing us with singles from the sure-to-be-fire long-player for a while.

Today, she's keeping the momentum up with the release of yet another sneak preview. "2nd Fiddle" is an inventive old-school R&B-referencing track that wouldn't sound too out of place on one of Missy Elliott's earliest albums. It's smooth and confident, featuring singing and rapping in equal measure—and with one of the best lines of her career, "Ricky Bobby daddy told me a long time ago that if you ain't first or last you can all kiss my ass," it's clear that Leikeli47 is no one's second fiddle.

Check out the sick album artwork below and scroll down for the full track.

Listen below.

Splash photo via Leikeli47