Here's the Last Day to Register to Vote in Every State

Here's the Last Day to Register to Vote in Every State

The resounding refrain from anyone even remotely politically engaged this fall has been if you're unhappy with the way things are going, you must exercise your right to vote. Too many people only remember to vote in the general presidential elections when tensions—and media coverage—are at an all time high. But local elections and those for Congress are just as crucial and deserve higher turn out.

There's a long history of celebrities encouraging young people to vote, and if the tactic seems corny, there's still a good reason for it. As of 2016, Millennials had the lowest turn out rates of any generation (2016 data from Pew excludes Gen Z, the oldest of whom are now of voting age). Strict generational lines aren't necessarily what's important, but with roughly the same amount of Millennials as Baby Boomers now eligible to vote, the voting power of young people has more leverage than ever to turn the tide and let the old ways die.

So listen to your favorite celebs and register to vote as soon as possible (while voting itself may be a relatively simple process, registering can be more complicated depending where you live). This handy chart provided by none other than Rihanna shows the last day to register to vote in every state (for many states, it's today!):

To register, get started here.

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