This Waterproof Mascara Is Going Viral

This Waterproof Mascara Is Going Viral

by Avery Matera

As makeup goes, a great waterproof mascara is really difficult to come by. It's either too clumpy, not thick enough, or seems like perfection until you're trying to take it off — painfully removing a chunk of your own lashes in the process. That is, until now.

Pinterest has been tracking the trend lately and reported that the hottest waterproof mascara au moment is Lancôme's Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara. In just a few months (since April, to be exact), the product has spiked a whopping 316 percent in terms of pin-ability.

With Lancôme's original selection of mascaras already cult favorites, it's no surprise their waterproof endeavor is so well-loved. And, with a summer heat-wave upon us, we don't exactly have to be getting ready to jump in the ocean to require a longer-lasting, sweat-proof formula. Though, that said, our eyes are going to look stellar and our cheeks black-streak-free or that pool party as well.

When shopping the product online, it averages a 4.5 rating and, among the super critical beauty masses (though shouldn't we all be when it comes to our makeup and skincare?), that's a high rating to maintain and not to be taken lightly. With a price tag of $25, it's not exactly the cheapest mascara you can pick up, but after about four overpriced cappuccinos, you've reached that dollar amount anyway, right? Priorities.

Shop the mascara that's taking over the beauty world here — just in time for the hottest days of summer (and that water-filled vacation, of course).

Photo via YouTube