Lana Del Rey Gets Restraining Order For Alleged Car-Stealing Stalker

Lana Del Rey Gets Restraining Order For Alleged Car-Stealing Stalker

Lana Del Rey has been dealing with another scary situation.

According to The Blast, the Chemtrails Over the Country Club singer was reportedly granted a temporary restraining order against a man named Eric Everado, who must now remain at least 100 yards away from Del Rey and her siblings “based on unlawful violence, a credible threat of violence or stalking.”

As part of the order of protection, he's also not allowed to possess any firearms, send any text messages or handwritten messages or "intimidate, threaten, stalk, destroy her personal property or disturb her general peace." The order of protection also extends to the star's brother Charles, sister Chuck Grant and the latter's fiancé.

In court documents filed on July 14, Del Rey alleged that Everado came to her Los Angeles home back in February, where he supposedly stole her Jaguar car. He was later apprehended and charged with two felony counts of residential burglary and grand theft auto."

However, Everado was seemingly undeterred by the first arrest, as she claims he recently left a bag containing "a handwritten letter... that was incredibly disturbing and indicated his desire to see me again," as well as "other bizarre materials." Del Rey also alleged that Everado texted her sister after the first incident after obtaining her number through unknown means. She also said her security team was able to verify Everado's name and GPS location from additional texts that were sent to Grant on July 12.

“Eric Everardo is a stalker. I have no relationship whatsoever with him," Del Rey said in the complaint, before saying his harassment has made her fearful and caused her "emotional distress."

She added, “There is absolutely no reason for him to be attempting to contact me or my sister, or to be approaching my home."

Unfortunately though, this isn't the first time Del Rey has had to go through the legal system in order to protect herself from harassment, as she was also granted another restraining order against a woman named Janeen Lee Stratton, who showed up at the musician's home multiple times this past January.

The order of protection against Everado will be in effect until a follow-up hearing about the matter next month. In the meantime, you can read The Blast's entire report here.

Photo via Getty / Jason Merritt