Lady Gaga Is Pregnant With a New Album

Lady Gaga Is Pregnant With a New Album

Lady Gaga took the time out of her busy schedule of being Lady Gaga to explode the tabloid pregnancy rumors this morning. The answer... Yes! Fertilized by the seminal fluids of her own creativity and vision — Lady Gaga is pregnant with a new album.

While we're crushed it isn't Bradley's, congratulations to her, but also to us! Despite the fact that Gaga continues to rule our pop cultural worlds via her Enigma Vegas residency, A Star Is Born, the passionate yet heartbreakingly unverified, repeatedly denied affairs with Hollywood leading men, rumors of beauty lines, patching things up with Madonna, leading the most entertaining pack of stans in the world, her high-speed journey towards an EGOT etc, it's actually been three years since we heard new music (as Gaga) from her, specifically, her 2016 record Joanne.

Joanne was Gaga's emotional, sensitive, vulnerable album, so you know what that means. Based on the creative/marketing/biological clock of pop stars, after they make a hairpin stylistic pivot (i.e. bougie, elegant Gaga), they're apt to "return" to where they whence came. For Gaga that means giant eggs, inflatable vaginas, meat dresses, jumping off stadiums, concepts, wonky collabs, drama, hooks, drops and explosions. Or maybe she'll just keep singing in the character of Ally? I wouldn't be mad at it ("Hair Body Face" forever).

There's no word on how many months along Gaga is with LG6, but we're hoping it'll be a 9-month gestation period so that we may see it in the auspicious year of 2019.

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