Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy Reveal Births Incredible Meme

Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy Reveal Births Incredible Meme

I know. We all thought after "Gym Kardashian," there were no higher heights to which Kardashian memes could soar. But we were wrong.

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Kylie Jenner managed to keep out of the spotlight for months ahead of her official pregnancy announcement, meaning the video in which she did so was quite a revelation.

Her narration of her journey, which includes, "Next thing you know, I was pregnant," coupled with a picture of her bulging belly has now become our next great meme, able to accurately communicate our previously inexpressible thirst.

And no one is safe.

Not Michael B. Jordan.

Not Olympic athletes.

Not Daniel Kaluuya.

Not Korean pop stars.

Not Chadwick Boseman.

Not a God fearing, tall, rich, peng, hench, funny, loyal, witty, well dressed, bald and Nigerian.

Not the man who brought you food.

And certainly, certainly not Mark Ruffalo.

Almost, almost as good as Gym Kardashian.

Image via Youtube