Does Kylie Jenner Miss Jordyn Woods?

Does Kylie Jenner Miss Jordyn Woods?

Female friendship is a twisted, delicate thing. Two women can be inseparable for years, then permanently stop speaking over a single perceived slight. Or over an alleged incident involving a playboy basketball player, Khloe Kardashian, and TMZ.Such was the tragic case of Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods, two former BFFs who are now no longer part of each other's lives.

Jenner and Woods were reportedly "texting" a while ago, but no real attempt has been made to mend their relationship post-scandal. Perhaps in an attempt to move on, both women have been keeping busy: Woods has been traveling to promote her false eyelash line overseas, while Jenner has been hanging out with her boyfriend Travis Scott and announcing new Kylie Cosmetics products.

Then, last night, Jenner gave the first public indication that she missed her ex-best friend. Kylie posted a throwback bathroom bikini pic on Instagram, which wouldn't be unusual for her — except eagle eyed commenters immediately carbon dated the image back to a beach vacation she and Woods took together a few months before the cheating scandal broke.

Woods isn't in the photo, but scroll back on both her and Kylie's grids and you'll find a series of mirror selfies they took together in the very same bathroom back in January. They're wearing matching lime green swimsuits; Jenner is cradling Stormi. Simpler times! Better times.

Jordyn also posted a swimsuit selfie yesterday, although hers was sponcon. What does it all mean? Hopefully that a reunion is on the horizon. Friendships have been mended after worse betrayals! And we refuse to believe that Peruvian friendship commitment ceremony was all for nothing.

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