Kylie Jenner is currently facing criticism for "cashing in" on the pandemic with her Kylie Skin hand sanitizer.

On Tuesday, the star announced the arrival of her new $7 sanitizer, which she explained contained 80% alcohol, was "fast-drying," and "formulated with glycerin to prevent dryness." And while a number of fans were excited about the launch, it also didn't take long for others to start accusing Jenner of marking up the price and exploiting the COVID-19 crisis for her own personal monetary gain.

"Wow making a buck off COVID. Low," as one person wrote, while another said, "Cashing in on a pandemic that has cost millions of lives. Shame on you all."

"Kylie Jenner said a billion dollars is not enough lmao let me keep capitalizing off of poor people in the middle of a pandemic," a third critic added. "Like if u actually wanna help make it free or rot."

However, some defended Jenner by arguing that many companies have also released their own masks and hand sanitizers. Not only that, but others went on to point out that she previously donated $1 million and over 6,000 pounds of hand sanitizer to Southern California hospitals during the initial shortage in April.

Jenner has yet to address the backlash.

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