Kylie Jenner Earned Facebook $13 Billion In One Day

Kylie Jenner Earned Facebook $13 Billion In One Day

Don't start doubting Kylie Jenner's reach anytime soon. The 20-year-old mother of one might have just exponentially increased Facebook's value, with the same tweet that lost Snapchat $1.3 billion.

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Jenner has typically taken to Snapchat first to share any update in her life or cosmetics line (read: swatches), but it was on Instagram that she announced the birth of her new baby with Travis Scott.

Last week Jenner publicly disparaged Snapchat's redesign on Twitter, claiming she doesn't even want to open the app in the wake of the changes. Her musings saw Snapchat's shares plummet by 7.2 percent, whereas Facebook, which also owns Instagram, saw its value increase by $13 billion in one day.

According toTechCrunch, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel clearly felt forced to defend the app's update at a tech conference. "It'll take time for people to adjust, but for me using it for a couple months I feel way more attached to the service," he said.

Kylie Jenner: reigning queen of social media.

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