Kylie Jenner Hosts Gas Station Themed Event

Kylie Jenner Hosts Gas Station Themed Event

By Avery Matera

Kylie Jenner has officially left Puma to join the rest of her family as a brand ambassador for Adidas, kicking off her launch in L.A. on the eve of the marathon that is Fashion Month. Her sign-on with the brand has coincided with the Falcon sneaker, which was launched amid an air of nostalgia and '90s vintage.

The fête was gas station-themed, right down to Jenner's dress, which was a leather strapless mini dress with a black-and-white racing checkerboard pattern and moto jacket-style zippers and hardware. On her feet were, of course, a pair of black-and-white Falcons that we've seen all over her Instagram as well as that of her sisters for the past few weeks. The venue itself was even a former gas station on Sunset Boulevard, with drink coolers filled with the Adidas kicks and shelves of candy aiding in the theme.

The '90s-themed party was meant to throw back to sporty street parties of the decade. While Jenner herself might have missed those parties youth, she's certainly a champion of the culture in modern day fashion.

To coincide with the launch, Jenner and Adidas also released a few behind the scenes video clips and images from her advertisement shoot which, in the retro way in which it was filmed as if from a HandyCam, made us feel as though we were actually watching a home movie from 1994 (side note: Kylie was born in '97).

You can now not only shop the $100 Falcon sneakers on the brand's website, but also a selection of clothing that completes the throwback style vibe, from strapless jumpsuits to ultra cropped sweatshirts, snap pants and graphic tees alike.

Photo courtesy adidas Originals