Are You Ready to Wear Cardi B's Baby's Brand?

Are You Ready to Wear Cardi B's Baby's Brand?

Cardi B is not known to miss an opportunity to cash in on her cultural capital, and apparently entrepreneurship runs in the family.

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While baby Kulture (Cardi refused to give her baby a name beginning with C due to her former affiliation with the Bloods gang) may only be several months old, she is already on track to reigning her own empire, thanks to her parents. Cardi and her husband, Migos' founding member Offset, have already trademarked their new babe's name.

Sallie Smith LLC, a company registered to offset, submitted a request to trademark the name Kulture under which they intend to merchandise all avenues of apparel: shirts, shoes, skirts, jackets and pants. But that's not all, they're setting up Kulture for all potential creative ventures.

"Musical recordings, motion pictures, entertainment marketing services, online video games, dance events by a recording artist and fan clubs," are also in the couple's sights for Kulture — registering her name in case of a future career in entertainment.

With two ultra-famous rappers as parents, it seems Kulture doesn't have much choice other than becoming a pop culture icon. Alongside the numerous heirs to the Kardashian dynasty, we should expect these iGen babies to do nothing short of taking over the world in 2036.

Don't forget, Kulture already has a custom Jeremy Scott stroller.

Photo via BFA