A Kristen Stewart Lesbian Rom-Com Is Coming

A Kristen Stewart Lesbian Rom-Com Is Coming

It's beginning to look like we are on the precipice of a new Golden Age of the romantic comedy. With To All The Boys I've Loved Before's massively popular success catapulting Noah Centineo into a household name, many are speculating that this may only just be the beginning of a new wave of rom-coms. What is even more promising is that this new wave might be bringing a more diverse set of love stories to the big screen.

One such example is this year's rom-com hit, Love, Simon. A delightfully fluffy gay teenage romance, the movie's PG-13 rating not only managed to save its characters from a 'bury your gays'-like end but also offer representation for a new generation of queer youth still coming to terms with their own identities. Luckily, it looks like Love, Simon won't be a singular anomaly.

Indiewire confirmed today that Kristen Stewart will be starring in the upcoming lesbian rom-com, Happiest Season. Fittingly from the same producers that brought us Love, Simon, the newly announced film co-written and directed by Clea DuVall will center around the story of an openly gay young woman planning on proposing to her girlfriend when she finds out that her partner has yet to come out to her family. Predictably, hijinks ensue.

Did we mention that its also a holiday movie? That means awkward dinners with the family, ice-skating dates, and mistletoe. Happiest Season just might the gay injection we've all been craving in our, let's face it, tired annual rotation of Jingle All The Way, Four Christmases, and the 2005 Ryan Reynolds classic Just Friends.

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