Twitter is Calling-Out KKW Concealers

Twitter is Calling-Out KKW Concealers

Since Rihanna came out with Fenty Beauty, the bar for cosmetic inclusivity has been raised. Makeup has never been the same, and the callout culture has never been stronger for brands that claim diversity but don't deliver. The latest to miss the mark by verdict of the Internet is none other than Kim Kardashian West and KKW Beauty.

After announcing the release of their new Concealer Kits, and the reveal of their "limited shade range," Twitter couldn't help but pit the line against not only Rihanna's, but even her baby sister Kylie's makeup line.

This is truly tragic, especially since just four days ago people were praising the line for its celebration of diversity. Still, a number of fans are defending their favorite celebrity influencer by standing behind the campaign, and saying that concealer shades are supposed to be lighter than foundation shades in order to get rid of under-eye circles and dark spots.

Kim, momager Kris, and KKW Cosmetics have yet to release a statement or respond to any request for comment from publications.

Everyone's waiting for an explanation, Kim. We still love you, but please come through!

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