What's KJ Apa Listening To?

What's KJ Apa Listening To?

Riverdale's KJ Apa might technically be from New Zealand, but he's still an all-American classic. The 21-year-old actor plays quintessential comic book hero Archie on The CW's smash hit show, as the letter jacket-wearing good boy who gets tempted over to the dark side every now and then, but usually prevails. He's the perfect ambassador for Fossil's heritage style watches, and has been representing the brand for the past year.

In honor of National Record Store Day and Apa's new vinyl-themed campaign with Crosley x Fossil, PAPER asked him to take a break from filming the new season in Vancouver and tell us all about his favorite tunes.

What's the first music you remember listening to as a kid?

My dad drove me to school, and we listened to a lot of Santana and Steely Dan.

What were you listening to in high school?

The same music, but with Satriani and Van Halen added in, and probably whatever was popular at the time.

What do you listen to while driving these days?

Led Zeppelin, Steve Vai.

What do you listen to while working out?

Usually instrumental only, just a strong beat and very loud.

Best song to get a dance floor started?

That depends on the dance floor!

Best song to end the night?

Anything by Nick Drake or Dire Straits.

Do you tend to pick albums and make playlists, or trust algorithms?

I love listening to new sounds and am always open to friends' suggestions and being surprised by a random song on a playlist. I try not to have rules, that way I keep expanding my musical tastes.

Are you a vinyl collector? What do you look for when browsing?

Yes. I look for music I want to listen to and if the cover art is amazing, that's a bonus for the wall.

Any musical guilty pleasures?

Music can't be guilty, can it?

Who have you been listening to this year?

Fat Freddy's Drop, Jeff Buckley, Third Eye Blind, The Eagles, Guthrie Govan.

Any musical dreams of your own?

Too many!

Photo courtesy Fossil x Crosley