Kim Says Kanye is the Only Reason She Wasn't Robbed Sooner

Kim Says Kanye is the Only Reason She Wasn't Robbed Sooner

Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery has been a long, drawn-out process for our society and also, of course, Kim, to endure and yet every time we get another little tidbit about the event, the more terrifying the event – and Kim's ubiquitous fame becomes.

In the latest clip for Sunday's episode of KUWTK Kim recounts to Kris Jenner her eight-hour testimony before a French judge in New York. It sounded like a very slow and harrowing experience, not only because she had to re-tell her story sentence-by-sentence and wait for it to be translated, but because she was shown photos of her attackers.

"I think it was really interesting to see the faces of everyone," she says. "Just by their height and weight, I could tell who from this lineup was in the room with me. I was able to see who confessed."

While Kim acknowledges those on trial were likely downplaying their role in the crime to receive lesser sentences, she said they were relatively honest about the amount of planning that went into it. Members of the group even revealed they'd been watching Kim for two years and even tried to rob her in Paris before.

"It's really interesting to see what their side of the story is and to hear the background information about how they had been following me and how they attempted to rob me the last time I was in Paris, but my husband was with me."

So, in essence, this whole ordeal might have been avoided if Kanye had not left Paris early to continue his Saint Pablo tour, the one he later canceled due to a nervous breakdown. Kim would still be posing with her jewels, she might never have adopted this 35mm aesthetic, we might never have had the Kim we have today. What a concept.

Watch her address the whole ordeal below:

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