This Song Is Going to Make Kim Petras Verrry Famous

This Song Is Going to Make Kim Petras Verrry Famous

Kim Petras, who PAPERpredicted would take over 2018's pop charts, has proven this year to be an unstoppable force.

The breakout star gave us standout singles, from "Can't Do Better" to "All The Time," and managed to land her first Top 40 hit with Valentine's Day drop, "Heart to Break." She also collaborated with Charli XCX on Pop 2's glittery bop "Unlock It," and singlehandedly destroyed us all with her Halloween mixtape, Turn Off the Lights, Vol. 1.

Today, she released her most commercial, and undeniably addictive, track: a Cheat Codes collab, called "Feeling of Falling," and it's bound to make Petras very, very famous.

"'Feeling of Falling is a song about ending up brokenhearted and trying to stay away from love to protect yourself," Petras tells PAPER. "I'm the biggest emo, so I really connected to this song. Cheat Codes are amazing, and I've had the best time collaborating on this one."

Petras didn't pen "Feeling of Falling," though she has co-writing credits on all her solo work. In this case, she's an impassioned storyteller, telling a universal story of vulnerability against a beat that sounds ironically euphoric. "I hate the feeling of falling/ I can't keep bleeding, I'm sorry," she sings on the chorus, but the production suggests otherwise.

"The feeling of falling in love is great but it's hard not to think about or compare it to past experiences of heart break," Cheat Codes say. "It puts you in a really vulnerable place. It can be the best thing but also the worst."

Stream "Feeling of Falling" on Spotify, and watch the official lyric video, below.

Photo courtesy of Neil Favila