Kim Kardashian: "I Don't Really Live by Society's Ideals"

Kim Kardashian: "I Don't Really Live by Society's Ideals"

Kim Kardashian West is Allure's September cover star, which is fitting for a woman who recently conquered the beauty market with her own line of makeup products.

In an interview with Allure executive editor Devin Friedman over breakfast at the Baccarat Hotel, KKW opened up about her anxiety headed to fashion week in Paris the week she was robbed, and how North, picking up on her mother's anxiety, tried to soothe it: "She gave me a little plastic treasure box, and she put her little jewels in it — like fake little plastic jewels — and she was like, 'Mommy, this will keep you safe when you go to Paris.'"

She also talked about her fitness routine ("I'm, like, the most fit I've ever been"); her aversion to gifts ("[Kanye and I] talk about it all the time, about not getting too much and trying to be as grounded and well rounded as possible. I don't like presents anymore"); and doing nude photo shoots ("I'm like, I'm going to tone it down. But then I'm like, Wait, I can't be doing it in 10 years, so — I might as well. I don't know what the age cutoff is.")

In an oddly satisfying accompanying video in which Kim is interviewed while getting her feet massaged by another woman, she added that she "doesn't live by society's ideals," and that "women should have the rights of what they wanna do with their bodies." She then asked the woman to massage the orange spray tan off her feet. Watch below:

You can read the whole story here.

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