Waist Trainers Might Be Dangerous, Doctors Warn

Waist Trainers Might Be Dangerous, Doctors Warn

It's no secret Kim Kardashian likes to stay in shape, and she works hard for it, often sharing her seriously intense workouts on social media.

She also loves corsets and waist trainers, so much so that she has now launched her own set of shapewear: Skims, which has sold out and been restocked already. The range includes a vast array of underwear and waist trainers, for all sizes — a factor that remains important to Kardashian as she got frustrated with the limited options available in the market.

"Searching for the best shapewear and underwear over the years, Kim became frustrated with the lack of options available and couldn't find anything that offered the right support, coverage or shade," the official description explains on the website. "This led her to cut up and dye pieces at home, sewing them together to get the solutions and results she wanted. SKIMS is Kim's answer to shapewear that actually works. Designed to smooth, enhance, lift and tone - each piece has a solution for every body."

Available in literally every size (from XXS to 4X), naturally the brand has been a huge hit among the reality star's followers.

"They just make me feel really snatched," Kardashian said of the shapewear in a recent Instagram video. And while that's been the reigning consensus among her dotting fans, it seems the waist trainers that claim to "instantly erase inches" are catching flak for being dangerous for health,Page Six reports.

"While they seem like a quick and easy fix, waist trainers don't actually burn fat or make you lose weight, and there can be a lot of harmful side effects," Dena Barsoum, MD, board-certified physiatrist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Hospital for Special Surgery, told the outlet. "There's a reason our bodies have the shape that they do. Waist trainers compress everything in the abdomen; not just your muscles and skin, but your intestines, stomach, liver, spleen and kidneys, and all of those need space to function."

The doctor further advised to take such endorsements from celebrities and influencers with a grain of salt."Everyone's looking for a quick and easy fix to achieve the shape and weight they want, whether it's a fad diet or a waist trainer, especially when there are celebrities and social media influencers saying these things are the best-kept secrets out there," she added. "Typically, those celebrities are also the ones who can afford to have trainers working with them day and night, and a social media team to make sure their pictures look exactly the way that they intend. You certainly can't believe everything you see on Instagram."

Corsets and bodices were the norm for women for decades, especially in the Victorian Era. But earlier in the 20th century, with the advancement of medicine and shifting cultural norms, doctors began to question the harmful effects of the beloved piece of clothing. Many doctors pointed out the lasting damage continuous use of corsets can leave wearers with, and eventually rendering its use impractical.

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