Kim, It's Way Too Warm Out for All This Coat

Kim, It's Way Too Warm Out for All This Coat

by Kanika Talwar

Kim Kardashian has been busy attending rehearsals for her SNL hosting duties this weekend — and her off-duty looks are really something to witness.

The reality mogul and archival fashion connoisseur has taken full advantage of the three minutes it takes to leave her hotel, get into a car and step into the 30 Rock NBC studios. As she should.

On Thursday, Kimmy emerged in a cozy Pre-Fall 2019 Balenciaga red leather coat with a purple hoodie and baseball cap. Like, I just don't know what to say. It's not even cold in New York City yet. (It was almost 70 degrees last night.)

Indeed, her Demna era is far from over. Recent notable looks include a neon pink velvet blazer with matching boots and a glittery Hourglass bag that would make every Barbie seethe. And clearly, Keke is ready to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving this year; she also donned a Christmas-ready tinsel Pre-Fall 2021 coat over the head-to-toe black she's known for wearing. (See: Kim's Met Gala Dementor look.)

Something tells me there's lots more Balenciaga fashion in store when her episode airs this Saturday.

Photo via Getty