This 2018 Kardashian-Grande Instagram Exchange Is Pretty Meta

This 2018 Kardashian-Grande Instagram Exchange Is Pretty Meta

by Myka Greene

Yet another friendly reminder that there's no hiding from your virtual footprint — a 2018 Kim Kardashian Instagram post just resurfaced and my, how things have changed in these past four years. The post, which features Kardashian from behind, getting into a sports car wearing a long blonde wig, included the caption "Universe must have my back" — a reference to Ariana Grande's track titled "Pete Davidson," after her then-fianceé of... the same name.

The song, which appeared on the singer’s 2018 album Sweetener, was of course dedicated to the SNL cast member and the blissful way he made Grande feel. In response to the assumed Kardashian shoutout, finished the verse in the comments section, writing back: “Fell from the sky into my lap.”

Back in simpler times when Kardashian was still married to Ye and Grande was engaged to Davidson after a whirlwind romance (sound familiar?), this interaction would have seemed like casual conversation between celebrities. But in 2022, given all that we know now, context gives the original exchange an ironic twist.

Grande’s comment was dug up by the Instagram account Comments by Celebs, a page dedicated to resurfacing awkward or funny comments left by celebrities, for celebrities. Their post which shows a screenshot of the nearly four-year-old exchange is littered with comments from bewildered people who found the interaction “super awkward” and “fucked.”

Many commenters jokingly pointed to the divine abilities of manifestation and law of attraction, while others went more scientific when attempting to reason with the post. “Talk about the universe always conspiring,” one commented. “This is the proof philosophers should cite when arguing determinism,” another said.

Regardless of what people are saying, it was “pure coincidence” a source says. Given that she was still married to Ye and a recent new parent to Chicago, it seems likely that there was no secret master plan of Kardashian lusting over Davidson. We can just chop it all up to a messy turn of events.

Bringing us into 2022, however, it seems Kardashian can't stop using Grande’s lyrics as captions. Within the past few months, the former posted another IG post captioned with a possible nod to Grande's song off Positions. Simply captioned “just like magic,” Kardashian posed in an all black leather fit back in February amidst her burgeoning relationship with Davidson.

Intentional or not, we doubt Grande would mind as she's long moved on from that romance, now happily married to Dave Gomez. She only wants to "do it once, real bad," after all.