Kate Yeager Is in Her Vulnerable Era

Kate Yeager Is in Her Vulnerable Era

By Erica CampbellJan 31, 2024

Kate Yeager is in her “vulnerable era.” Her upcoming EP explores “love and self-discovery,” and today, she’s dropping “Fat,” a slow-burning single that digs into body image, self-acceptance and the formative experiences that shape our view of ourselves. The New York-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter describes her upcoming releases as “a whole lot of light with a whole lot of bite,” pointing to her pop meets Country crooner sensibilities.

“Yes, the music video is my story, and Jason [mentioned in the song and video] is a real human man but it's also all of our stories,” Yeager tells PAPER about the song’s inspiration. “This video is for all of us that have experienced rejection. Our stories may have different details, but that core feeling, that shit hits the same.”

Here, she talks to PAPER about what to expect from her upcoming Before the Lights Go Out EP, the inspiration for “Fat” and her heroes reacting to her honest hit song.

“Fat” has such a strong message with its lyrics and delivery. Where did the inspiration for the video come from and what was the shooting process like?

When my director, HAYL, and I sat down to discuss the music video, it was just the two of us girlies sitting on my couch drinking wine and talking through ideas. I remember looking at her and asking, "Is it too obvious to just tell the story as it is?" She said, "I think that's the most powerful thing we can do." I brought out a photo album that my mom made me before I moved to Nashville. We looked through it and just knew we wanted to do right by little Kate, by all our little selves.

Shoot day was so interesting because I was in there shots: the bedroom, Weight Watchers and the final scene. So it was basically me, watching my childhood trauma unfold for 14 hours. It was wild and deeply meta, but it was also beautiful. The kids [acting in the music video] crushed it. I was having really big and important conversations with their parents. I remember one parent walking into the bathroom with "Kate is fat" written on the mirror, and when she walked out, she sobbed in my arms. I just held her and kept telling her, “This is for us."

How does it feel knowing that “Fat” received such a positive reaction from millions of people around the world as well as stars like Julian Moore and Kristen Chenoweth. Did you expect this at all or did it come as a complete surprise?

Bro, that was insanity. It's all of these people that I've looked up to my entire life seeing me, listening to me, perceiving me in real time! I completely forgot that the algorithm can spew videos to whomever she pleases. Everytime I would get a notification like that, I'd be gagged. I'd be like ,"THE JULIANNE MOORE!? THE KRISTEN CHENOWETH?!" I think Amber Riley commented, saying she had the song on repeat. You could say I was fully Gleeked out. I literally saw the Glee live tour when I was in high school at Radio City Music Hall. Proud theater kid.

I knew this song was important and scary, but if witnessing the internet has taught me anything it's that you have to be prepared. So...was I hoping for this?! Absolutely. This is my dream. But did I know it would happen? I just wanted to keep my head down, work really hard and see where it led.

What's next for you and what can we expect from your upcoming EP?

You can expect a lot. An acoustic version of "Fat" is upon us, one more single before the EP drops, and ya girl is hittin' the road. I'll be on tour at the end of February and beginning of March and I cannot wait to meet all of the people who have arrived on my little corner of the internet. Live shows are my favorite thing in the entire world. I'm so stupidly excited.

You can expect the EP to be crushingly blunt and unguarded. It's deliciously pop. I'm in my vulnerable era. There isn't a lot of holding back in this music and I can't wait for it to be yours.