'Karen' Wasn't a Very Popular Baby Name in 2020

'Karen' Wasn't a Very Popular Baby Name in 2020

For the last few years, Karen has become the name associated with caucasian female villainy.

It seems like every week or so, new videos of racist, angry and/or obnoxious middle-aged white women hit social media and go viral, leading to the name for them to become more infamous than ever. And that's probably why the popularity of Karen as a baby name dropped drastically in 2020.

Huffpost has revealed that new data from the Social Security Administration confirms that the name isn't as popular with new parents as it was in recent years, with Karen being ranked No. 831 in terms of popularity for female baby names in 2020.

What makes this so interesting? It's the lowest that it's been in this particular popularity list since 1927.

With only 325 babies being named Karen last year (and 439 the year before), that marks the lowest number of newborn girls given that name since 1932. At its peak in 1965, there were almost 33,000 Karens born.

There seems to be no other reason for the drastic 2020 decline in using the name Karen besides the fact that Karen is associated with pure evil.

Last year, the dating app Wingman revealed that, through its research, women who had the name Karen found it more difficult to find dates. According to its research, women with the name Karen had 20% less matches when compared to results from 2019. For messages that women named Karen sent, they were responded to 33% less.

In a press release obtained by Yahoo!, Wingman CEO Tina Wilson, said, "The trends we observe with online dating usually reflect what's going on in the real world."

As we look to see if the name Karen makes a comeback, the work of middle-aged Karens continues to make it harder to see it return. Just days ago, A TikTok video depicting a middle-aged white woman screaming at airport police surfaced. After being accosted by airport security for entering into a restricted area, she screamed for the manager, earning the nickname "Boo Hoo Karen."

Good luck, future generations of Karens. You're going to need it.

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